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Why CWD? Current Opportunities Benefits Accessibility Standards


CWD is a place for people that love to learn and grow. Our culture is challenging and collaborative. We give a deep sense of purpose to create amazing solutions that are truly different and empower our customers. Our goal is always to build strong, diverse teams of innovative people and give them the tools to succeed.

Join us and do more than you ever thought possible and learn from some of the best minds in the industry.

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Research & Development
This is where some of the brightest minds, create some of the most innovative and empowering products. Our R&D teams are not content with following the crowd, but rather focus on enriching people’s lives with everything they make. They push themselves every day to rise above the challenge and design the very best products that are smart simple and stylish. If you are passionate about technology and love to see your ideas come to life this is the place for you.

Product Quality Assistant (6-Month Contract)

Design's duties begin in the development stages of a product and continue well into its life in retail. Working closely with Research & Development and Marketing, these departments work to develop unique and creative identities for each of CWD's brands while placing these products in the hands of the end consumer. From new product concepts to business cards, Design makes sure CWD presents itself with its best foot forward, operating at a high speed to maintain a leading position in the marketplace.

E-commerce and Marketing
This is where the connection between us and our customers happens. Our talented e-commerce and marketing teams get our message to the masses in a highly competitive landscape. They drive sales with out of the box ideas and a strong focus on customer service. By creating engaging experiences on our brand sites and building strong relationships with customers through social media, these individuals ensure our customers know and love our products as much as we do.

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The Accounting, Human Resources and Information Technology teams play a vital role in daily operations at CWD and the quality of products delivered to customers.

  • Accounting supports all departments in reconciling cash flow tracking, preparing accurate account information, tracking inventory accounts and assisting with order processing (among many other tasks) to ensure superior performance within CWD.
  • Human Resources is the driver of the culture at CWD. This department lays a foundation for great achievement by fostering a positive environment in which team members develop their skills and grow within the organization.
  • Information Systems (IS) is responsible for infrastructure planning, training, maintenance, security and technical support services for over 100 users. By understanding the goals, missions, and work of CWD, this department anticipates any and all IS needs while providing the tools needed to increase efficiency for team members.

Human Resources Generalist

The Operations department is responsible for the supply chain from completion of manufacturing through to multiple distribution centers, warehouse locations and our customers. This department ensures 1,500 to 2,000 products are distributed in a timely and efficient manner each day, including all planning, shipping, order processing and warehouse management. Our mission is to exceed customer expectations through superior order desk service and 24-hour order turnaround.

Director of Information Systems & Operations

Logistics Coordinator

Office Cleaner (Part-Time)

Customer Experience
The Customer Experience Department’s mission is to provide elite customer service in a professional and courteous manner while maintaining high standards as a retail market seller on an array of marketplaces. This department’s goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and delivers on this promise by recommending to customers the products that best suit their needs, ensuring these products are set up correctly for maximum usage and enjoyment, providing warranty protection, and assisting all customers from point of sale until delivery. The Customer Experience team also plays a pivotal role in CWD’s quality assurance by assisting Research & Development team in conducting product testing and customer surveys as well as compiling input from customers regarding product enhancements and other recommendations.

No Current Postings

Why CWD? Current Opportunities Benefits Accessibility Standards