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Why CWD? Current Opportunities Benefits


› We value continuous learning and new ideas that stimulate positive change . (Jessica)

Jessica has been a valuable asset to our Marketing team since joining CWD in 2007. In her current role as the Design Manager, Jessica uses her expertise and creativity to develop and grow the teams’ ideas into results. "I enjoy working here because of the opportunity to show what I can do, and the opportunity to grow with the company. I love collaborating with my team and seeing something that only existed as a concept in our heads and end up in the homes of many. It’s a very proud feeling walking into a store and seeing something you worked so hard on sitting there on the shelf."


› We embrace creativity, discovery, and a desire to Create What’s Different™. (Andrew)

As a CWD Product Manager in our Research and Development department, Andrew was nominated for an Award of Excellence for the role he played in the success of our Levana brand baby monitors. Andrew’s innovative ideas have led to our top of the line baby monitors that are loved by parents. "I enjoy working at CWD as I am provided with new and creative challenges, daily.  I have been afforded the opportunity to learn and absorb from so many inspiring individuals on a variety of subjects.   I am so fortunate as to wake up and go to a job I genuinely enjoy."


› We are committed to new processes and techniques that improve results and create value. (John)

John joined the CWD team in 2009 as a B2B Sales Representative. After succeeding in this role, CWD utilized John’s many years of logistics experience progressing him to Operations Coordinator and most recently to Assistant Operations Manager. "I love that I have the ability to dramatically influence the way we do business in a constructive manner.  My team is incredible; they all contribute with innovative and proactive ideas and make my job much more rewarding and stress-free. The changes made this year are a great example of the companies’ initiative to increase efficiency so we can provide the same great service but
at a no cost to the customer."


› We uphold the highest standards in business ethics. (Tom)

Tom has been with CWD since 2002 and has ensured that through our growth, we stay true to our values of providing the best for our customers. Tom is part of our busy Operations team, as he works as a Order Processor. Tom states that he loves working at CWD because of the “awesome work atmosphere and my colleagues.” Tom enjoys all of the staff incentives that CWD provides so that team members have a chance to spend some time out of the office participating in fun team events and outings!


› We meet our commitments knowing that personal and business successes are one. (Carrie)

Carrie is part of our Human Resources team in the position of Human Resources Representative. She has been with the CWD since 2011 and has played an integral role in the growth and success of our outstanding team.  “I love working in an environment where I am continually learning. Along with interesting, rewarding and diverse tasks, I also have a great support system and team environment where collaboration is welcomed and encouraged. CWD has provided me with challenges while simultaneously allowing me to grow, by empowering me to face these challenges head on and in turn has helped me succeed in many disciplines of HR and my career thus far."

Why CWD? Current Opportunities Benefits