Create What's Different

We exist to empower people. To do that, we create innovative consumer electronics that are smart, simple and stylish. From baby safety devices to home theatre systems we push our selves to deliver groundbreaking products that improve lives. Our success is measured in customer satisfaction above profits and because of that we have been in business for almost 60 years and our creations can be found in most major retailers. Together in teams, as a company, as a community, we are committed to Creating What’s Different.

  • 57th Anniversary Picnic
  • Dale Carnegie Leadership Award
  • 2017 KickOff
  • 55th Anniversary Poster
  • Peaches Celebration Lunch
  • 55th Anniversary Lunch
  • 54th Anniversary
  • Levana
  • Safari Picnic
  • Baby Lunch
  • Electrohome


(Circus World Displays Limited)

  • Our Vision

    We believe all people should be empowered.

  • Our Mission

    We create the highest performing consumer electronics that are smart, simple and stylish.

  • Our Core Values

    Development, Efficiency, Innovation, Accountability & Excellence